Overcoming Stress During Pregnancy

For most couples, pregnancy doesn’t happen immediately and can take longer than expected. Times like this can be extremely trying emotionally for both partners. While the circumstances may not be able to be changed, you can definitely change the way you face your challenges. Here are some ways you can overcome the stress related to getting pregnant.

Don’t let the wait get you down

The two week wait is one of the toughest times for couples trying to conceive. Try not to let the wait get you down. During this period, try your best to focus on other things that make you happy and to get your mind off the wait. Plan a girl’s night out, or a romantic date night with your partner. Go watch a movie or treat yourself to a shopping spree. Avoid thinking too much about the wait period.

Don’t get disheartened if you get your period

The arrival of a period when a couple has been trying to get pregnant is one of the most upsetting things and a reminder that your past efforts have been unsuccessful. While this is a trying time for you and your partner, getting disheartened will not help either of you. Try your best to stay positive. Mood swings are normal but don’t let it get the better of you and make you feel depressed. There’s always a next time, so keep trying.

Never forget who you used to be

When a woman becomes obsessed with getting pregnant, she sometimes tends to forget who she used to be and the fun things she used to do. It is easy to get wrapped up and obsessed with getting pregnant, but remember, this is only causing you additional stress and anxiety which has been known to affect the possibility of getting pregnant. Stress and anxiety are part of a vicious cycle that will continue unless you do something about it.

A great exercise is to jot down all the things that make you happy. It could be something as simple as riding a bicycle. Pin up your list in a place that you will see it often during the day. On days that you are feeling particularly low, take a look at your happy list and let your tension and stress melt away.

Take some time out to unwind

At the end of the day, getting pregnant can be a stressful process that has been known to take its toll on a woman’s body and mind. Taking care of yourself doesn’t just refer to eating healthy and visiting some of the best infertility clinics in India for check-ups. It also has tons to do with your state of mind. Take some much needed time out to just unwind and relax. You could take a long bath, read a book, go for a massage, or do yoga and meditation, basically whatever works for you. A relaxed woman, it has been found, is more likely to see a positive success rate for pregnancy.

Spend some quality time with your partner

Sometimes, the stress of getting pregnant may take its toll on the relationship you share with your partner. Intimate relations tend to become mechanical and only a means to an end. Once the sexual relationship you share with your partner breaks down, it isn’t long before all other aspects follow suit too. Spend some quality time together and rediscover your relationship.

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